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4 Benefits of a Cool Roof

The roof over your head could be costing more money to cool your home or commercial building than you realize.

Here in “The Sunshine State,” this is especially true.  As the sun radiates onto a standard or dark roof, the temperature can exceed temperatures of 150°F according to studies by the Department of Energy.

In contrast, a “Cool Roof” under the same conditions can maintain a temperature that’s at least 50°F cooler on average.  Cool roofs are designed with materials that either reflect sunlight or absorb less heat than a standard roof.  Using highly-reflective paint, tiles, shingles, or sheet covering, a cool roof acts much in the same way that a light-colored shirt protects you from heat on a sunny day.

Take a look at these four benefits of a cool roof for homes and office buildings:

  1. Energy Efficient – Cool roofs can reduce local air temperatures and decrease the threat of greenhouse gas emissions and the urban island effect. They also lower the demand for electricity, as less energy is needed by your indoor cooling system.
  2. Cost Effective – Utility bills can be significantly decreased as less heat is transferred to the building below, meaning your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to cool your building.
  3. Roof Lifespan – Roofs take on a lot of damage, and much of it can be attributed to the high temperatures that it’s subjected to.
  4. Increased Comfort – The spaces in your home or building that aren’t air-conditioned will be naturally cooler, such as garages or covered patios and decks.

When an entire community is using cool roofing systems, the impact on our environment and livelihoods can be great. Some important considerations should be discussed with a Master Roofing Contractor before you select a cool roof for your home or office, so contact our professionals at Hi-Rise for all of your questions or to receive a free quote!