Always there for you, day or night! Call 800-303-ROOF if you have a roofing emergency!

Emergency roofing services

No one plans on needing emergency roofing services but when damage to your roof happens, you need a roofing company immediately. Hi-Rise is available 24/7 for emergencies and is always available. When you have a roof emergency, the steps that come next are important to keep your roof damage to a minimum.

As Florida’s leading emergency roofing contractor, we offer many emergency services:

  • Leak repairs
  • Patching
  • Inspections
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Commercial and residential repairs
  • Roof management

What to do if there’s a roof leak?

Call 1-800-303-ROOF for emergency services with Hi-Rise and follow these simple steps to keep your emergency roofing situation from worsening.

  1. Locate the leak’s pooling point. – Leaks begin as a pool in the ceiling cavity. Locating the wettest spot or a bulge in your ceiling will help dial in where the leak started. Carefully poke a small hole in the bulge, drain water into a bucket, and begin drying the surrounding area.


  1. Locate the entry point of the leak. – Now that the majority of the water is being caught, finding the entry point in your roof will help us expedite sealing the leak. Starting in the attic, take into consideration the slope of your roof and use joint location to help narrow down the location of entry.


  1. Maintain protection of property. – Using plastic tarps, cover any furniture, or carpet that could be damaged by the leak.

Don’t let a leak ruin your week! Call Hi-Rise Roofing today to stop the leak immediately!

What happens when my commercial building has a leak?

Many times, emergencies happen during storms or other inclement weather. Hi-Rise, when called for a roofing emergency, will ensure that your flat roof will be fixed even in rain. Because we use a sealing compound that is specifically designed for patching and sealing, even if it is still raining outside, your leak can still be fixed.

When a roofing emergency happens, you need to know there is someone you can trust that is available immediately. Put your trust in Hi-Rise Roofing when you have a roofing emergency.

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