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The True Cost of a Commercial Roof Leak

As a building owner, there are so many things that demand your attention on a day-to-day basis.  Between juggling the needs of tenants, keeping up with all the fixed costs, and making sure your company stays afloat, one thing that can get overlooked is building maintenance.

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How to Avoid Storm Chasing Contractors

As a Florida resident, you’ve surely heard of them.  They knock on your door or solicit you by phone promising that they only want to help, but their intentions are anything but beneficial. 

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10 Things to Ask your Roofing Company

As a resident of South Florida, you know far too well how consequential the tropical environment can be to your roof.  You’re also probably familiar with how many roofing companies are out there offering unmatched service while providing little credibility to withstand their promises.

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7 Tell-tale Signs it’s Time to Replace your Roof

Your home is likely the largest investment you’ve ever made, and for most of us, protecting the condition and assets of a home is of utmost importance.  The best way to ensure to defend the condition of your home is to upkeep the roof.

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Advantages of Hiring Commercial Roofing Professionals

The new year is here, and for most businesses and families, this marks the beginning of budgetary planning for 2018. If you’ve been dealing with a faulty roof for a while now, especially after the recent hurricanes, it’s vital to include a roofing investment into your annual budget. 

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