Florida Keys

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The southernmost point of Florida and its unique Key West architecture has always been a large draw for new residents and visitors. The most popular Conch houses, developed by Bahamian immigrants, are topped with metal or shingled roofs. These historical homes need special attention to their unique roofing. Continuing to honor the historical beauty of Florida Keys homes means understanding antique roofing and how to use updated materials to restore its original beauty and protection. As one of the top Florida Keys Roofing contractors, Hi-Rise Roofing will fix or replace your metal or shingled roof to bring the beauty back to your historical home.

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What is the best roofing for the Florida Keys?

Weather and style dictate south Floridian roofing styles. The two major types of roofs in the Florida Keys are metal and shingle. Both offer unique benefits and style;

  • Metal roofing in the Florida Keys provides continuous protection against hurricanes as well as lasting many years with little maintenance. Since most houses are close to the coast, metal roofing in the Florida Keys is made from aluminum with a special coating to prevent rust from the salt water. The continual upkeep for metal roofing is low but roof maintenance is a great way to get more bang for your buck.
  • Shingle roofing in the Keys continues the decades-long tradition of style. Great for keeping a home in historical standing, roofing in the Florida Keys plays a huge part in tradition as well as safety. Singled roofs offer protection against the salt from the ocean and are easily replaced and repaired.


Serving Monroe County from Islandia to Key West, and every island in between, Hi-Rise is the best Florida Keys roofing contractor. Don’t trust your historical home to just any roofer in the Florida Keys, trust a roofer that is an expert in metal roofs and shingle roofing.

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