Shake roofs are not only beautiful, they're tough as nails!

Residential Shake Roof

What are the benefits of owning a cedar shake roof in Florida? They blend beautifully with the environment and  also provide practical advantages:

  • Insulation: Cedar is an impressive natural insulator; keeps your house cool in summer and warm in the winter.
  • Longevity: Especially if the shakes are chemically treated, they offer a life expectancy of up to 30 years.
  • Durability: Because of its natural preservatives, wood shakes are resistant to UV rays, insect damage, wind, moss, and algae. Considered one of the strongest woods in the world, cedar is also highly impact-resistant and does not shrink.
  • Versatility: A timeless, natural look, cedar is also available in a wide range of finishes (from fine oils or paint).

If you are thinking of installing a shake roof, make sure you understand the difference between shakes and shingles — they are two separate products: A shingle is sawn on both sides and is slim near the butt. A shake is split on one or both sides and is thicker at the butt. Both offer great durability and are aesthetically appealing, but shakes are for steeper pitches; shingles can lay completely flat, so they are better for low-slope and flat roofs.

Thinking about how nice the timeless elegance of a shake roof would look on your Miami home? We can find the perfect fit!

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You can trust the Hi-Rise team to provide you with the expertise you need when choosing a shake roof for your home. All of our roofing technicians are trained and certified installers of the following roofing manufacturers: Firestone, Owens Corning, Carlisle, CertainTeed, Johns Manville, and Versico.

We believe in the products our partners provide because we have seen the longevity and customer satisfaction with their roofing materials. By partnering with manufacturers that are industry-recognized leaders in roofing applications, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality shakes with the largest selection. Call us today to see how a cedar shake roofing system can transform your curb appeal!

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